If you or someone you know is taking care of an individual with Alzheimer’s, you should know there are programs available that can give you a break. Families in these situations have to carry heavy emotional and sometimes physical burdens. They might feel guilty about needing time off, but there is Alzheimer’s respite care in Naples, FL, and it can be in-home or at a facility.


Respite care can help the caregiver, and the service can give people with dementia new stimulation. Gently introducing a new face or environment can sometimes stimulate someone with a memory disorder. The staff will design activities around the individual’s needs and abilities. That could involve music, reading, art projects, or simply talking with them.

Respite Care

Alzheimer’s respite care in Naples, FL, involves everything from companionship to toilet assistance. When you leave your loved one, you should know that they are with a skilled professional. Some facilities can take people overnight. It is good to check some of these places out and meet the staff even if you don’t immediately plan on using them. You may need one in an emergency. These operations will serve meals and handle any transportation issues.


When families start looking into Alzheimer’s respite care in Naples, FL, there are usually three main concerns. The cost is one of them as well as the service and emotional care. There are some government programs and scholarships that help pay for this service. If you take some unhurried time to visit the employees and tour facilities, it may ease your mind. A small break once in a while can refresh caregivers, and patients may benefit from the socialization.