Restore Your Ride with Frank’s Auto Body Repair

by | Aug 16, 2017 | Automotive

Unlike regular automotive maintenance, no one really plans to have an auto body repair.  Whether your car has been in an accident and needs a major auto body repair or has simply been beat up through daily use and is in need of a refresher, realizing that you need body work is always something of a surprise.  Sometimes that repair work is covered by insurance if the damage is caused by accident.  However, not all auto body repairs are covered by insurance.  You may have been damaged by an uninsured driver, the damage may be below the deductible amount of your insurance, or the damage may have occurred when you were not in the vehicle.  Even if the damage is covered by your own comprehensive or uninsured driver policy, you may be worried about making a claim, concerned that it will drive up your insurance rates.

Fortunately, Frank’s Auto offers affordable, reliable auto body repair.  We work with all insurers to simplify the payment process, let you know what, if any, part of the financial responsibility will be yours before beginning the repair process, and offer competitive rates for the highest-quality work.

In addition to making your car look like new, we also ensure that our body work restores your car to manufacturer’s conditions.  In fact, many people do not realize that the real danger of body damage is that it can make a vehicle dangerous to operate; many types of body damage can interfere with safe performance.  Instead of focusing on purely cosmetic fixes, at Frank’s Auto, we focus on fixing your entire car.

Our estimate process is one of the most complete in New Jersey.  We do not just give you a ballpark price for the repairs, but give you a reliable estimate for the repairs, explain all of the details of the repair including the costs of proposed replacement parts and why they need to be replaced, and an accurate timeframe for the repairs.  This process is critical, not only so that you can make a fully informed decision before beginning any repairs, but also so that you can adequately prepare for the repair process, whether that means getting a rental car or arranging other transportation while your car is in the shop.

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