In Maryland, motorcycle accidents are often tragic since the riders don’t have adequate protection against automobiles. If a motorcycle rider is struck by a moving vehicle, then the probability of serious injuries is higher. Reviewing details with a motorcycle accident attorney in Upper Marlboro MD gives victims more perspective and helps them understand their rights.

Did the Rider Commit Any Moving Violations?

Lane splitting is a common moving violation that motorcycle riders commit. The major issue with the action is that it prevents auto drivers around them from having enough time to react before an accident. It also places the rider out of their field of view. When this happens, the motorcycle rider is struck by the automobile. In some areas, lane splitting plays into comparative fault rulings and could limit the motorcycle rider’s ability to receive compensation.

Was the Motorcycle Rider Wearing a Helmet?

The state has a motorcycle helmet law that prohibits anyone from operating a motorcycle without a helmet. The helmet must meet the safety standards of the Maryland Department of Transportation. If the motorcycle rider wasn’t wearing a helmet, the court could rule that they were at fault for their injuries even in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Was the At-Fault Driver’s View Obstructed?

Visibility is a common issue in motorcycle accidents. The position of the motorcycle rider when traveling could increase their risk of an accident. Following an automobile too closely to the road increases limited visibility. If the auto driver slams on their brakes and the motorcycle is too close, then an accident is probable.

How Severe Were Their Injuries?

The severity of the motorcycle rider’s injuries plays a role in how much compensation they receive if the victim wins a lawsuit. Disfigurement, loss of limb, and loss of organ function are common conditions that increase monetary awards. However, comparative fault rulings lower any compensation for the victim, if they played a role in causing the accident.

In Maryland, motorcycle accidents often involve injuries. However, laws in the state outline requirements that are intended to increase safety for riders. Failing to follow the law places the riders at a greater risk. Riders who were injured can contact us to speak to a motorcycle accident attorney in Upper Marlboro MD right now.