In North Dakota, auto accidents are often caused by moving violations, such as speeding, reckless driving, or DUI. The circumstances of the accident determine if the victim’s injuries are serious. No-fault auto accident laws determine when the victim has the right to sue the at-fault driver. A car accident lawyer in Minot, ND helps victims review their case and start a lawsuit.

Report the Accident

After an auto accident, victims should contact law enforcement to conduct an investigation. It is vital for officers to assess the scene and identify an at-fault driver. An auto accident report explains what happened, and all drivers must provide the report to their insurers.

File an Insurance Claim Through Personal Injury Protection Coverage

Personal injury protection coverage is required for all drivers in North Dakota. The policies provide medical payments for the policyholder’s injuries. Policyholders receive payments for all medical services related to their auto accident injuries including surgeries, reconstruction, or rehabilitation.

Collect Medical Invoices and Records for Injuries Exceeding $2,500

Victims who have more serious injuries are advised to collect all medical invoices if their medical requirements exceed $2,500. Medical records and doctor reports substantiate the victim’s claim for serious injuries. According to no-fault laws, the injuries must be serious and life-altering. The injuries or the outcome of the injuries must last longer than sixty days. Serious losses such as loss of limbs, organ function, or irreversible disfigurements allow for a lawsuit.

Prepare a Legal Claim Against the Accountable Driver

The attorney helps the victim collect vital details about the accident, the victim’s injuries, and any other financial losses. Economic damages are awarded in lawsuits for financial losses. Tort-based awards are provided for pain and suffering or mental anguish. The court determines the full value of the monetary award.

In North Dakota, auto accidents are investigated by law enforcement, and an accident report is created. All victims file a claim through their insurance provider for their injuries. Medical records and invoices help attorneys determine if the victim has a viable case. Victims of auto accidents who want to start a claim contact a car accident lawyer in Minot, ND through Pagel Weikum Law Firm right now.