In Illinois, child custody assignments are based on either sole or joint custody. The court determines which parent receives primary custody when parents can’t reach an agreement. The parents create parenting plans that provide equal time with the child when possible. Child custody lawyers in Sycamore, IL can help parents who need more answers about their case.

The Most Suitable Environment

Child custody assignments define the most suitable environment for the child. Risks are evaluated when the court makes a decision about custody. A caseworker is utilized to conduct home studies. The caseworker provides information about each parent and any risks they pose to the child. The parents must provide adequate space for the child in their homes and manage financial support together.

Notifications About Parenting Time Changes

A standard clause in child custody orders is that the parents provide notice if parenting time changes are needed. The standard is a 24-hour window for notifying the other parent. Common conditions that require changes are work schedules, sudden illnesses, and emergencies. The parents have the option to adjust parenting time with the custodial parent when changes are needed.

Parents That Live in Different States

Child custody assignments for parents who live in different states are a challenge. Typically, the assignments offer one parent with custody of the child during the school year, and the summer is spent with the other parent. Holidays and other vacations from school present more balance for the out-of-state parents and more time with the child.

Military Parenting Time

Military parenting time is adjusted according to the military parent’s duty station assignments and deployments. A parenting plan is needed when the military parent cannot spend time with their kids. Training and deployments send the parent to areas where they cannot visit with their children. The military parent chooses a family member to take their scheduled parenting time during deployments and training assignments.

In Illinois, child custody is determined according to the most suitable living environment for the child. The laws require parents to follow the terms of the custody assignment exactly. Parents who need assistance can contact child custody lawyers in Sycamore, IL through The Cosentino Law Firm, LLC for an appointment right now.