A reliable roofing system will keep a building safe from the weather and improve energy efficiency throughout the year. Any damage or wear to a roof should be fixed immediately or it could lead to very expensive repairs in the future. Roofing Companies in Appleton can perform a thorough inspection of a roofing system to determine if repairs need to be made and will provide an affordable estimate to complete the job. A roofing company will also provide licensed, factory trained, and certified roofers to provide outstanding service or installation.

What Can Damage A Roof?

Rain, high winds, hail and the UV rays of the sun are the leading cause of roof failure. Hail can make small pits in the roof shingles causing the granules to unable to protect it from the UV rays of the sun. High winds can cause tree branches to fall and cause severe damage or loosen shingles. Once the seal of a roof has been damaged, water will quickly enter under the surface and cause rapid deterioration.

How Can An Owner Extend The Life Of A Roof?

Yearly inspections of a roof are important to keep it functioning and looking great for years to come. Caulking around skylights, chimneys, or any other vent or pipe that travels through the roof should be inspected for signs of cracking or deterioration. Resealing around these areas will reduce the chances of a leak.

How Long Does A Roof Typically Last?

Asphalt roofing can last upwards of 20 years if it’s properly maintained. Metal roofing will last more than 50 years. If a roof is more than fifteen years old, hasn’t been maintained or has moss growing on it, it probably needs to be replaced.

Do Gutters Help Extend The Life Of A Roof?

Gutters are a key component of a roofing system. They remove the water from the roof’s edge and help to keep it dry. Keeping the gutters of building clean will prevent backups that can destroy a roof.

Roofing Companies in Appleton can provide a variety of services for commercial and residential customers. If you need a roof installed or repaired, please feel free to Contact us.