The Mustang has been an iconic leader in the sports car industry. The authoritative dominance of the Mustang brand continues in 2015 with new visual options, a consistent starting price point, and a competitive mpg to keep costs modest for the life of the vehicle.

The Price

The initial MSRP for the Mustang GT came in at $32,000. The price is right on par with previous iterations of the GT, so the price comes as little surprise. Roush Mustang Dealers adds a three year warranty to the vehicle to cover nearly any part of the vehicle, as well as a 36,000 mile drivetrain and system coverage.


The 2015 Mustang is also reasonable with its mpg. The official stats have the 2015 GT Mustang at 25 mpg on the highway compared to 16 in the city. Roush Mustang Dealers are excited to support the Mustang GT’s staggering 435 hp engine. The 2015 model continues the authentic and defining 5.OL V8 engine which has become a staple to the Mustang brand.

The Exterior

The 2015 model has a few new fancy additions and evolutions in its design. The front fascia has been revamped. It is now sleeker and inspired from thinner and flatter racing vehicles. The rear wing has also been condensed to give the GT a slightly flatter frame and a more elongated feel. The rear wings of the past have been more pronounced, which makes the laid-back revisioning a brilliant and fresh move from the designers.

The last major visual addition is the upper and lower grilles in the front. The grilles appear alongside the front headlights, and remain a subtle though visual enticing addition. The front grille is intact and slightly more curved.

The Options

Ford has also promised and subsequently delivered on their customizable options. The 6-speed shifter ball design is for manuals only, but it is a fitting dynamic for stick enthusiasts. The hood and quarter window scoops return again from the last couple years. Buyers can also add custom graphics to the hood and side to add a personal edge to their new buy. Mustang has proven their longevity once again with a vehicle that covers all bases and more.

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