The relationship a client has with their hair salon can actually be one of the closest relationships in a person’s life. The truth is, the stylist will know secrets about their client that maybe no one else knows. They know how much gray hair there really is, the areas that are thinning, why the client needs the part in a specific place and of course, they know the client’s real hair color. And everyone spills out their hopes, dreams, troubles and joys to their stylist as if they were sitting on a therapists couch. So a little decorum when dealing with the stylist and the salon is a smart idea.

When tipping at a top notch salon, such as Summit Salon in Lee’s Summit, think of the salon as a fancy restaurant. A good tip for a great service is 15% but if the stylist did something out of the ordinary, such as squeezing the client in for a last minute appointment or spending extra consulting time, then the tip should be 20%. If an assistant spent time with the client, then they should be tipped as well, albeit a smaller percentage. And remember, a client needs to keep a good rapport with the receptionist as well, so tipping them is a good idea too.

If a client finds themselves in need of a last minute appointment, then remember the old adage; one can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. The client should be polite and not demanding since they are asking for someone to squeeze them into what is probably an already hectic schedule. If the receptionist says there is no available time for a requested stylist, then ask to leave a message for the stylist. A stylist may have more control over their own schedule than the receptionist is willing to let on. At Summit Salon in Lee’s Summit, keeping a good report with the stylist and the receptionist can go a long way. Also, some appointment issues can be dealt with on a salon’s website, so a quick click to investigate options there can be a solution.