Railings in your Virgina home or business can be modernized. They can also be made safe and easy to see through. If you are remodeling your railings and stairways, consider base shoe railing products.

What Base Shoe Railings Are

Railings with a “shoe base” have a slotted metal wedge into which the glass panel slides. An additional “shoe” is affixed to the top of the railing so that it can support and hold the top edge of each glass panel. The bottom base is called a “shoe” because it holds the glass panel like a shoe holds a foot.

As for the vertical wooden poles that once existed in your railings, these are removed to install the “shoes” on the underside of the top rails and the top side of the bottom rails. In this way, your railings are completely modernized, and you are able to see through the railings to the floor and areas below.

Durability and Safety of These Railings

Consumers are often concerned about the safety and durability of base shoe railings. The truth is that the glass is very strong and very durable. It is impossible to break without severe blunt force. The shoes that hold the glass in place keep a very tight grip on the glass panels too. The entire system is safe enough even for homes with small children. Any gaps on the sides of the glass panels are too small for tiny hands to fit through.

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