When a dog displays acts of aggression toward people or other pets, the need to stop this behavior quickly is desired. There are several steps to take to stop a dog from acting out in this manner. Here are some tips to keep in mind if this type of behavior is being conducted.

Use Positive Reinforcement To Stop Behavior

It is a good idea to alert the dog of bad behavior at the time it is being displayed. This is done with a loud clap of the hands or a jerk of a leash to startle the dog after aggression is conducted. When the dog is friendly toward others, giving it a treat will teach it that this is desired behavior. The method of rewarding a dog will reinforce positive behavior and help it to stop acting maliciously toward others.

Avoid Situations Where Aggression Is Likely

When trying to stop a dog from being aggressive, it is best to try to avoid scenarios where this behavior is likely. Consider keeping the dog separated from pets it does not get along with. Over time, introduce a pet to the dog for short stints of time. If the dog acts poorly, separate the animals again. If a person has had trouble with the dog, ask them to refrain from getting too close to the animal for a bit. Instead, have them speak gently to the dog from afar. After the dog gets used to the person’s presence, the person can offer the dog a treat and quickly retreat from being too close to the animal. In time, the dog will realize the person is not harmful, and aggression may cease.

See A Trainer For Professional Assistance

In many cases, seeing a Dog Trainer is Chicago is the best way to stop poor behavior altogether. A trainer will have the necessary skills to work with a dog on a one-on-one basis to determine why the canine is acting in this way. They will then take steps to reverse the behavioral problems with the use of treats and commands. When the dog stops aggression for a long duration, the owner can use the tools on their own to keep the dog from regressing back to poor practices.

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