When it comes to buying baby clothes, including baby socks, having something that is cute and stylish is important, but so is having a type of sock that is comfortable and designed specifically to care for baby’s sensitive skin and feet.

There are some important factors to keep in mind when choosing the best baby socks for infants. Choosing a specific type of sock, a size, and even that additional features that the sock offers can help you to determine which option is best for the needs of the infant.

Baby Socks and Fabrics

For most infants and newborns you will want to select natural fabrics and materials, typically organic cotton, for baby socks. These are a great option for general wear, but in hotter seasons or climates a moisture wicking fabric may actually help to keep baby cooler. There are a range of moisture wicking socks, including those that are a wool blend, which can be great even for winter wear.

You should also consider the option of a synthetic material that will stay formed to the foot. This will help infants and toddlers keep their socks on even when they are very active and crawling or kicking.

Sizes to Consider

Socks for a newborn are relatively easy to buy since they will not have a lot of different size options to choose from. Generally for newborns choose socks that are sized for infants, or, if you choose, toddler size for when they get a bit older. Some companies may also list the sock sizes based on the age of child, generally infant to 1 year, 12 months to 24 months and so on.

You may also want to consider getting stylish baby socks for when the newborn is a few months older. This gives parents a head start on clothing for a slightly older child. Look for socks that have bars or areas of rubber traction on the soles that are perfect for that extra grip for children that are learning to walk.

Something Different

There are a lot of baby socks that come in the standard white, pink and blue. This is particularly true for newborn socks, but you can, if you look, find amazing options. There are socks that are designed to look like scoops of ice cream in a cone, perfect in colors for little girls or little boys.

For slightly older toddlers and children there are socks in amazing colors and patterns, socks of favorite sports teams and even socks in jungle themes, school themes and just about every other theme imaginable. Finding the right socks is not going to be a problem of having any selection; it is more likely to be a problem of having too many choices.

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