Selling Gold for Extra Cash

by | Jun 4, 2013 | Jewelry

If you are looking to sell gold in Dallas to earn extra cash, you are not alone. This has become an increasingly popular way to earn extra cash needed. No matter the reason you may need extra cash – bills, medical expenses, food, clothing or just to buy something personal for yourself; you will find that you can earn top dollar for your diamonds, gold, watches and other fine jewelry items.

Sometimes finances can get tight no matter how well you have tried to plan ahead. When you sell gold in Dallas to a gold buyer, you can get paid instantly. You just bring your items in and have them appraised. Then, the gold dealer will make a check out to you. It is one of the easiest ways there is to earn extra cash to help out in hard financial times.

You can sell more than just gold to a gold buyer. The gold buyer will also buy diamonds, gold, watches and other jewelry items. For diamonds, gold buyers prefer stones of ½ carat or larger. As far as the setting, any type of setting is okay, even an older setting such as old European designs.

Even if you have jewelry items that you thought were not worth anything, you may still be able to earn money from them through a gold buyer. Items that are chipped, broken or that have come loose from their settings can still bring cash from a gold buyer. You have nothing to lose by taking your items to have them appraised.

One other item that is in high demand with gold buyers is Rolex watches. Rolex watches have always been  associated when style and sophistication. This is why everyone wants to own a Rolex and why this item will bring you top dollar with a Dallas gold buyer.

No matter your reason for looking to sell gold in Dallas, you will find it is an easy way to get the cash you need. Make sure you only sell to a reputable gold buyer.  A reputable gold buyer will offer you the best price for your gold, diamonds, watches and other fine jewelry items. Make sure the dealer is approved by the Better Business Bureau. A company rated highly by the Better Business Bureau is one you can trust to give you the best deal for your used gold and other jewelry items. Make sure to bring a picture ID with you as the gold buyer is required to gather this information from you.

When looking to sell Dallas gold jewelry, you will find the best value at The Diamond Broker for your gold, diamonds and other fine jewelry. The Diamond Broker is conveniently located in North Dallas and has been providing the best in one-of-a-kind diamonds since 1984. Come in and view their extensive collection of diamonds, watches and other fine jewelry. The expert staff will assist you in finding that perfect diamond for an engagement ring, anniversary or for any other special occasion. You can learn more about the exquisite line of diamonds and fine jewelry by visiting The Diamond Broker website or by calling 972.490.6060. You may also email the company with any questions at

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