People increasingly are keeping their teeth throughout their lifetimes, far into elderly years. This is more common now than ever before. Nevertheless, some senior citizens are at risk of losing teeth or needing teeth extracted for various reasons. They want a specialist who practices oral surgery dentistry in Brookville PA to remove diseased teeth and replace missing teeth with implants.

Conventional dentures continue to be an option, particularly for people who cannot afford implants. However, newer options are more beneficial for a variety of important reasons.

Maintaining Oral Health and Quality of Life

This type of Dentistry in Brookville PA maintains the patient’s oral health and quality of life when compared with not replacing the teeth or replacing them with dentures. Missing teeth and dentures both lead to gradual deterioration of the jawbone over time, as new bone cells are not produced when there is no stimulation from chewing. Implants act as natural teeth roots and prevent this problem. Also, many patients find dentures limit what they can eat since the artificial teeth can become loose when chewing vigorously.

An Ideal Time to Have Implants Placed

Seniors who have been missing some of their teeth for many years may not have felt motivated to resolve the situation if those empty spaces are in the back of the mouth where the problem isn’t very noticeable. If they need more teeth extracted now, this may be an ideal time to have implants to replace the missing molars. If the jawbone has already deteriorated to the extent that makes opting for implants impossible, bone grafting typically can be done. This encourages additional bone to grow, increasing the strength and healthy mass of the jaw.

A Rejuvenated Smile

Once all this dental treatment is completed, senior patients will be amazed at how great their smiles look. They no longer have to try to hide their full smile or feel like they should cover their mouth when laughing. The dental work at a clinic such as Quad County Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery rejuvenates the facial features, making people look years younger. Contact us to get started.