One of the most overlooked aspects of health revolves around oral care. Most individuals know the importance of having their vision tested and seeing their regular family doctor for wellness and sick appointments. It is also important to have regular appointments with a dentist, so they can ensure a patient’s gums and teeth are in the best health possible. It may not seem important, but letting oral health problems go unchecked can lead to serious health conditions. Be sure to visit a dentist for Preventive Dentistry in California MD so the following can be avoided entirely.

Gum Infections

Healthy gums should be a bright pink color and should show no signs of bleeding during routine brushing. Unhealthy gums can be gray in color, and be sensitive to the surface when eating, and can even lead to bleeding during regular oral hygiene routines. Regular checkups with a dentist will ensure that a person’s gums are healthy and that infections are not given the opportunity to form and spread, which can create a painful situation that leaves the victim in misery.

Tooth Abscess

An abscess is caused by a cavity or other infection within a tooth that is left unchecked. Typical symptoms include excruciating pain, foul breath, and fever. A dentist will need to perform a variety of lab tests and x-rays to determine the severity of the infection and to pinpoint its exact location. Though the symptoms typically pass in a few days to a few weeks, most patients require antibiotics to completely mitigate the infection.

Chronic Migraines

Individuals who suffer from chronic migraines can benefit greatly from Preventive Dentistry in California MD. Often, headaches can be caused by tooth shifting and infections that are present in the oral cavity. Talk to a dentist to see if they have any recommendations to help alleviate this painful condition, and eliminate migraines once and for all. Something as simple as a removal or filling can bring a migraine sufferer immediate relief.

Oral health is an important aspect of overall wellness. Avoid potential issues by visiting the office of Dr. Louis Sachs. He and his team can help maintain oral health and ensure all of their patients put their best smile forward. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a new patient exam.