Landscaping is more than making the property appear stunning. While design and installation translate to impressive results, there are services required to lay the foundation and support the visual aspects provided by a Residential Landscaping Contractor in Bowie MD.


The best quality trees, shrubs, grasses, and flowers can be planted on the lawn and die quickly. The condition of the soil plays an integral part in the beauty and health of living components included in the landscape. Feeding the existing soil to enrich the quality may be required before any planting can be done.

A sprinkle system or root invigoration equipment can be beneficial to plants once they are planted. The installation of additional sod around the area will enhance the appearance and increase nutrients available to the soil. Expert landscaping professionals can determine what the soil needs to provide a healthy foundation.

Unique Designs

The size and shape of yards vary from property to property. A corner lot, for example may have more space on one side than the other side. Striking a balance for the entire property can be problematic for the home gardener, but poses no problem for a residential landscaping contractor in Bowie MD.

Large yards can handle expansive designs that include water features, outdoor kitchens, and fireplaces. Trees to line the driveway will not look out of place or dwarf the other aspects in the yard. A country garden complete with pathways and benches are also options


Once landscaping is installed, it requires routine maintenance to keep it in the best condition possible. Seasonal and annual service is paramount to protect the investment. Ongoing maintenance is a service offered by experienced professionals.

Hardscape elements, such as patios, stonework, and water features must be protected during the winter months to avoid premature deterioration. This is a job better left to the landscaper who originally installed the design. The workings and parts of major features dictate the amount of work entailed for maximum protection.

Other Related Services

Full-service lawn care is essential to the curb appeal of the home and the property. Spending the money to have landscaping completed will be wasted if the grass is left to grow high or the edges are not clipped down. Contact a local landscape contractor to get more information on pricing, design, and maintenance.