Mild hay fever symptoms that occur in spring and fall probably don’t need any treatment. However, if a person suffers from a chronic stuffy or runny nose, along with frequent sneezing and coughing, he can feel utterly miserable. It’s like having a bad cold all the time. Episodes of wheezing make him wonder if he’s developing asthma. Sleeping is difficult because of all those unpleasant symptoms. An Allergist in Evansville IN can help when someone is dealing with these aggravating issues.

Patch Testing

The individual with severe hay fever probably has strong suspicions of what he’s allergic to. The episodes might come on when trees are spewing pollen in the springtime or when flowering weeds are abundant in late summer and early fall. Many unlucky people get hit with hay fever for months on end. However, he may have other allergies he’s unaware of.

A physician such as Dr. C. Steven Smith offers patch testing to rule out or identify any other allergies. If the patient shows a reaction to dust mites on the patch test, for instance, he can use various cleaning strategies to reduce the population of these microscopic critters in his home.

Allergy Shots

A standard treatment for allergies involves injections that help the patient gradually become desensitized to the substances that cause his symptoms. During the buildup phase, the patient receives an injection at least once a week for several months. A maintenance phase follows in which he has shots once or twice per month. The therapy generally continues for at least a few years.

Although this injection regimen may seem daunting, it can be highly successful. The immune system no longer reacts to the pollen allergens as harmful substances but instead tolerates them. The person can enjoy being outside in spring, summer and fall once more.

Nasal Spray

Another option is a nasal spray prescribed by an allergist in Evansville IN. This medicine reduces or eliminates hay fever symptoms. Patients who don’t like taking oral medication because of side effects appreciate the nasal spray, which doesn’t cause effects such as jittery feelings or sleepiness. The spray is also welcome to individuals who don’t want to undergo the injection regimen.