Alabama is well-known for its summertime heat and humidity. Staring as early as April each year, the weather turns hot and muggy. The only refuge people have from the uncomfortable weather is indoors.

However, when your home’s central air conditioning is not working as it should, you may not be able to tolerate being inside either. By hiring a professional heating and air conditioning service in Birmingham, AL, you can have your system inspected, repaired and replaced if needed.

Thorough Inspection

Before your central AC can be serviced, it must first be inspected to find out what is wrong with it. When you call a contractor from a local heating and air conditioning service in Birmingham, AL, you may want the unit to be inspected as quickly as possible. You want to find out what is wrong with the system in a matter of minutes.

The contractor will get to work right away inspecting every inch of the unit. He or she will also check the inside ventilation system to discover if the filters or vents are clogged or blocked.

Fast Repairs

Once the contractor discovers the underlying problem with your unit, he or she can begin making the needed repairs. It may be as simple as refilling the Freon in the motor. It also may involve replacing faulty hoses and clamps that are leaking coolant from the unit.

If the repairs are more expensive than the cost of a new unit, the contractor may recommend you invest in a brand-new air conditioner for your house. The service can install it for you right away. You can enjoy having a cool house again in a matter of hours.

Central air conditioning is critical for beating the Alabama heat and humidity. You can have your system serviced by hiring a professional AC contractor.

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