The Sonoran Desert is among the most beautiful and unique landscapes in the world. There is no other place that has the majestic saguaro cactus, or such magnificent sunsets. However, the summer sun can be brutal, fading not only your curtains but also all your furnishings.

The right window treatments are essential to protect your home’s interior from the blazing rays of the sun; window shutters are very efficient, however, how can you enjoy the views, with shutters? One solution is tinting your home windows in Tucson. The same methods used to tint auto glass can be applied to residential windows too.

Tinting your home windows in Tucson will not only save your interior from fading, but it will also reduce your energy costs. As you know, running your air conditioner all summer long is expensive; window tinting can significantly reduce heat gain, and thus, reduce the load on your air conditioner.

Exterior shade screens on your home’s windows are also an invaluable tool against the desert sun; you’ll still be able to see out, while they shade your windows from the heat.

Double-paned windows can also help to reduce your energy costs, both in the summer and winter. The air pocket between the panes acts as a type of insulation, resisting both heat and cold.

Addressing heat gain through your windows can make your home more comfortable, as well as saving you money.

Dwight’s Auto Glass & Tint also can take care of tinting your home windows in Tucson.