Are you into custom apparel or crafting, or do you own a business specializing in fine Direct-to-Film printing (DTF)?

Then you understand the value of puff vinyl transfers and the unique and amazing 3D appearance they can give your designs. You get an incredible expansion, raised effect or puff-up when you expose the specialty vinyl to the heat of your iron or heat press. A puff vinyl transfer can add gorgeous dimension to your designs without producing a bulky look. Choose the best one-stop shop featuring high-quality puff vinyl transfer that can enhance your individual design needs and allow your garments to “pop.”

Consistently Vibrant Colors

When you purchase puff vinyl transfers, you want bold colors to offer a screenprint-like texture and exceptional durability. There’s nothing “flat” about the puff; it can bring a handsome aesthetic to your printing needs. You can explore your creativity with a broad spectrum of 129 colors making it a superb option for promotional merchandise for your brand.

You can create multidimensional designs by layering puff vinyl in different colors. In striking shades such as Apple Green, Dragonfruit, Caramel, Gold, Neon Orange and Neon Green, the sky’s the limit for your imagination.

Puff Effect, Fabric Versatility

When you select a puff vinyl transfer from the right shop, your garments can instantly become 3D works of art. Best of all, these wonderful transfers work well on several fabrics. For instance, cotton, polyester and poly-cotton blends are great materials for puff vinyl, and it’s washing machine-safe. Remember to turn the garment inside out before tossing it into the wash. The transfer will last through many washings and maintain its vibrant color.

Are You Ready to Make a Lasting Impression?

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