Your family dentist in Naperville may give you the option to have a tooth extracted or receive root canal treatment. This usually happens when the decay in a tooth is far advanced. You’ll need to consider three factors before you make a final decision on the matter. They are:

The Cosmetic Aspect
First, you’ll need to think about where the tooth is located in your mouth and how it will look. You’ll need to decide how much you care about the cosmetic factor. You may decide that you want to keep the tooth if it’s in the front of your mouth. Our family dentist in Naperville can certainly make that happen for you.

The Cost
Next, you need to consider the cost of the procedures. A root canal is much more expensive than an extraction is. An extraction can be less than $300 while a root canal will probably cost you several thousand dollars. Therefore, you’ll have to think about your budget and whether you have the funds to pay for a root canal. If not, then you might opt for an extraction.

The Repercussions
You’ll have to think about your jaw, bite and other repercussions that may occur if you choose to have your tooth extracted and not replace it. Your teeth may shift over time. Your bite may be less strengthened, as well. It’s up to you to think about a long-term plan that works well for you. Contact Naperville Commons Dental for a full discussion about your options for a decayed tooth.