There are a lot of different ways to spruce up an older home, and one of the options that are common to consider during a home renovation is to install new replacement windows. There are several very good reasons why window replacement should be done during a renovation, and understanding how they can benefit an older Windsor home helps to make this decision.

Old Window Styles

Take a few minutes to look at new options in windows and window frames. A good place to do this is at new home showings in the Windsor area. Show homes that feature new options in vinyl, wood and aluminum window frames are very different in design than windows from a decade or more ago.

Window frames today are more streamlined and minimal, and they are also less bulky and heavy looking around the window. Double and even triple pane glass is also common, with insulating gas between to reduce the impact of direct sunlight and to prevent cool air loss from home.

By adding replacement windows to a home renovation project, it is possible to avoid a mismatched look between new siding and old window designs and styles.


Low-E coatings on windows is also an advantage, preventing the UV lights from the sun from penetrating the glass. While this is not visible, it saves fading on upholstery and paint where the sunlight hits in the rooms of your home. Additionally, it also reduces any heat that comes into the room through the windows, an important consideration in any Windsor home.

Finally, new windows in a home are always going to boost curb appeal as well as home sale value. Even if you are not planning on staying in the home for a long period, replacing the windows is an investment in your property that does have value.

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