Cedar shakes are an extremely popular option due to their durability and aesthetic appeal. However, just like any other roofing material, they will eventually break down. Knowing the signs of a problem is the best way to know when it is time for Commercial Wood Shake Roof Repair in Topeka KS. Some of the indications it is time for this service can be found here.

Sharp Splits

It’s smart to inspect the roof at least once every season for any signs of damage. Just like the majority of other wood materials, as time passes, cedar shakes are going to begin splitting at the edges. Calling a roofing contractor to take a look at the problem will allow a person to know if they need to invest in repairs. If the splits on the edges of the shakes are sharp, rather than rounded, the damage was likely the result of hail rather than the natural aging of the wood. In these situations, a person can call for commercial wood shake roof repair in Topeka KS, and their insurance company will cover the cost of repairs.

Rotting Edges

If the building is in the shade, the moisture that collects on the roof’s surface will not evaporate as fast as it does when in direct sunlight. Eventually, this may result in lichen, mold, and even microorganisms to gather at the bottom edges of the shakes. During an inspection, look for any signs or indications of rot. Even if the problem is only in a limited area on the roof, it may be wise to replace the entire structure. After all, the problem and symptoms are going to continue to spread until the issue is fixed.

When it comes to a commercial roof, it’s a good idea to call the professionals to inspect the surface and make repairs on a regular basis. This will help ensure that the repairs needed are made in a timely fashion. Additional information about when roof repair is needed can be found by taking the time to browse our website. Being informed is critical to keeping a roof in good repair.