A home’s garage door is much more than just an opening for the garage. It offers curb appeal, provides quite a bit of utility and increases property value. However, these benefits are only seen if the garage door is maintained. Just like anything else in the home, there will eventually come a time when a new garage door needs to be installed. Some of the signs it’s time to invest in new garage door installation service in Lancaster County can be found here.

The Door has Begun to Sag

If a homeowner has a garage door made of wood, then sagging can be a serious issue. If this type of door is not properly maintained, then they may sag due to rot, deterioration, and decomposition. Even if a homeowner doesn’t have a wooden door, any garage door that’s begun to sag means there’s some type of underlying issue present. It’s a good idea to invest in new garage door installation service in Lancaster County at this point.

Shaking or Strange Noise

If the garage door operates louder than usual, or if it shakes as it opens and closes, then it may be time to invest in a new one. While persistent noise and shaking don’t always indicate that something is broken, it can imply that serious maintenance is necessary. It’s a good idea to go ahead and have a new door installed before the problem gets any worse.

Rotted, Cracked or Damaged Wood

This is a problem that is commonly seen with wooden garage doors. They may become rotted, cracked or suffer additional damage. Paint may begin to peel away, and wood may splinter. As time passes, this can diminish the overall value of the door. The good news is, having the door replaced is one of the best ways to ensure the damage is eradicated.

When it comes to a home’s garage door, having it replaced in a timely and efficient manner, is essential. This will help maintain the value of the home and ensure that the door doesn’t malfunction causing damage to the structure or injuries to a person.

Rissler Garage Doors provides quality garage door installation you need to feel confident the door will look nice and operate properly for years to come.