Auto repair is not a wise service to put off whenever you know of damage of any kind to your vehicle, especially if that damage is severe enough to penetrate the outer layer of paint on your vehicle’s body. Even a large enough dent is enough to cause this type of problem and a crack in your vehicle’s paint will ensure the growth of rust throughout the car until it is severely damaged unless you act quickly. Reliable professionals are available throughout Miami to help you make the best decision for the future of your vehicle and one small repair made today may add years to the lifespan of your car or truck.

Clanking, Popping, and More

Your vehicle should never suddenly begin making a noise that you don’t already associate with its normal operational sounds, especially if the noise is produced following a small collision such as one with a piece of wood left out on the highway. Regardless of the reason for the sound, it is in your best interest to get auto repair Miami from a reliable provider such as Luxe Auto Custom as soon as possible. Not only will you discover the cause of the unusual sound but you may yet be able to avoid a much more serious repair if you simply bring in the vehicle now.


It is not unusual for white smoke to come out of your vehicle’s exhaust pipe, especially during colder days of the year, but you most certainly should never see the smoke of any kind coming out from under your front hood. Such smoke is a clear indication that your car has begun to overheat and you need to have a professional determine the cause of the problem and then provide auto repair quickly. If you do discover white smoke coming out of your vehicle, be sure to pull over immediately.