Routine cleaning and maintenance are essential for keeping your home in the best condition and improving its value in the market. This includes making sure the exterior paint of your house looks vibrant and fresh, and that your home stays well-protected against pollutants.

Although there are many steps you can take to prolong the life of your home’s exterior paint job, all paint will eventually weather due to harsh elements such as the sun, rain, snow, and wind. When that happens, the exterior shows many visible signs, including discoloration and damage. Noticing these signs and following up with exterior painting in Memphis are both important to protect your home from environmental damage.

Peeling and Cracking

Peeling or cracking paint is a common indicator that you may have to sand down the bubbling paint and apply a fresh layer. Peeling happens for a variety of reasons, but incorrect paint application and water damage are the most common reasons. Mold growth can also lead to bubbling paint and other significant damage, so it’s best to get in touch with professionals such as Caldwell Painting.


If there are new gaps between the wooden boards of your home or barn’s exterior, then it indicates that the wood is absorbing moisture, which can lead to rot. To solve this issue, you’ll need to invest in waterproof exterior painting in Memphis. If you need repairs, they’ll be addressed in the consultation.

Faded Color

Another good way to determine whether or not your home needs to be repainted is by taking a look at the fade. Faded paint doesn’t hold up well against the sun and looks unappealing, so it’s best to get the exterior repainted. You can check the parts of your house under a shade first, if the color has faded there, then have your house painted.

A pro tip: try to go for lighter colors when painting the exterior as they fade much slower.