Signs Your Water Heaters Southaven are Going Bad

by | Jan 15, 2014 | plumbers and plumbing

8014079_lThe water heater in your home is one of those appliances you rarely even think of. These often sit in your basement or encased in a closet, quietly giving you the service you expect. It is not until your water heater begins experiencing problems, that you realize how very important this appliance is. It is important for you to understand and be able to recognize signs of problems with your water heater. This will let you know when you need to contact a repair technician for your water heaters Southaven.

What are the Common Signs of a Water Heater Going Bad?

1. Lack of hot water — When your hot water heater is going bad, it will often go bad slowly. You may notice your hot water is not lasting as long as it once did. You will especially notice this when washing dishes or taking a shower. It is important to contact a technician if you begin noticing these issues. You may simply need your heating element to be replaced.

2. Rust in your hot water — As a hot water heater ages, it begins to experience corrosion inside. As the rust builds up in the tank, it will soon begin showing in your water flow. If you notice rust-colored water or any discoloration in your water, this could be a sign your hot water heating tank needs replacement. This should not be overlooked, as it can eventually cause leaks in your heater.

3. No hot water — If your hot water heater no longer gives you hot water at all, this will typically mean your heating element has gone bad or your pilot light is out. Either way, it is in your best interest to have your Water Heaters Southaven looked at by a professional, to ensure there are no major problems.

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