Six Disadvantages of Invisalign That You Need to Know

by | Dec 12, 2011 | Health And Fitness

Before you have your teeth straightened up through Invisalign in Clinton County, NY, it’s best to learn of the disadvantages associated with it.

Like any other dental or medical procedures, Invisalign is known to have disadvantages. However these disadvantages do not necessarily mean that this new orthodontic approach is a bad choice. In fact, these shortcomings do not actually dictate the outcome of the procedure. Reputable and trustworthy dentists will normally counsel their patients about these disadvantages to allow them to come up with an informed decision regarding which orthodontic technique to choose.

So, what are the top 5 drawbacks to the use of clear braces?

1. Invisalign cannot correct all types of malocclusions.

Unlike the traditional braces, Invisalign is limited to the treatment of minor teeth alignment issues. The orthodontist or dentist has minimal control over certain types of tooth movements. Usually, molar malocclusion and wide gaps between teeth are best managed with the use of traditional braces. Invisalign in Clinton, NY is normally recommended for people with moderately crooked teeth and minimal gaps between teeth.

2. Invisalign requires compliance.

Since this type of teeth aligners are removable, the patient has the choice of when to wear it and when to take it off. Commitment is crucial as failure to comply with its recommended use (20-22 hours per day) can have serious repercussions on the final result. Most of the time patients forget to put back the aligners, thus the traction is lost for quite some time allowing the teeth to move to their original, malposition.

3. Increased risk of losing the aligner.

Like dentures, Invisalign is also at risk of being lost especially if you are not careful with storage. If you lose the clear braces, you can however have you Invisalign put back by your dental clinic in Clinton County, NY. Of course, the new aligner has to be paid once more. You have to contact your dentist or orthodontist to prevent the teeth from moving off desired position.

4. Rare cases of allergic reaction.

There are some patients who have reportedly shown allergic reactions to polyurethane, the ingredient making up the aligners. Symptoms of allergy were said to be minor and range from cough, sore throat, swelling and nausea. If you have any history of allergy to this chemical, you must report it to your orthodontist during the initial consultation to avoid any discomforts.

5. Cleaning the braces can be troublesome.

Unlike traditional braces which are fixed on your teeth, Invisalign in Clinton County, NY are purposefully removable to allow convenience especially during mealtime. However, removal of the braces entails washing it before replacing. Some people may find this troublesome particularly when there is no access to clean their braces after eating.

6. Non-compliance means back to zero.

If a patient goes off track from the treatment course, the teeth begin to move on its own rendering the aligner not fit for use. The longer the teeth go without braces the more crooked they get. In order to ensure proper alignment, the orthodontist will have to make new set of aligners, usually identical with the first sets.

When considering a reputable Invisalign in Clinton County, NY, do not overlook these disadvantages. By knowing these drawbacks, you’ll be able to make better decisions.

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