Skylight Repair Orleans MA – Let The Sun Shine In

by | Apr 27, 2012 | Home And Garden

When you’re looking for a company that performs skylight repair in Orleans MA you need to make sure that you’re choosing a company that is reliable and has experience in skylight repair specifically.

A skylight that is broken, cracked or in disrepair is not only a health hazard but can cause drafts, loss of heat from the home and even rain to enter through cracks. It can be easy to ignore, but when you have a cracked skylight in winter and can feel the chill streaming in, you may wonder why you put it off for so long.

Skylight repair in Orleans MA can often be put in the existing frame so that truly just the skylight itself is replaced. Sometimes, however, the frame has rotted. A small area of rot might be able to be fixed, but a larger one might necessitate replacing the whole frame. There might also be attendant issues regarding insulation around the frame, which is why working with a professional in skylight repair Orleans MA can be very helpful.

Replacement skylights are generally vinyl framed or wood cased, and they come in many different styles. What style you choose will be determined by the look you want, the features you find desirable, and the maintenance you’re willing to take on, for example, caring for the wood in a wood-cased skylight. There are even choices regarding the glass or PVC, including coatings to reduce UV rays entering the home. Some skylights have gas insulation between the panes, increasing their energy efficiency.

Your company for skylight repair in Orleans MA can work with you to find the best skylight solution for your home. To choose the right company, get referrals if possible. If this isn’t feasible among people you know, check the yellow pages, as many contractors still maintain listings there. You can phone companies with your most fundamental questions; of the companies you like, pick three from which to get written estimates, making sure to ask all your questions about the job and expressing any concerns. Learn about the warranties offered and about the installers themselves—for example, are they certified? Check with the Better Business Bureau to weed out companies that have had problematic business practices.

If you’re moving into a new home that has skylights, you may be impressed by the amount of natural light that comes streaming in, but be sure to make the skylights a part of the home inspection before you move. Skylights are often overlooked and only noticed when the rain comes in through a crack.

Skylight repair in Orleans MA will likely bring down your utility bills overall because newer well sealed skylights tend to be more energy efficient. But remember, too, that the skylight will be efficient only if it has been installed properly. Select wisely from among the companies for skylight repair in Orleans MA



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