Smart tips for a successful trade show

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Business

Trade shows can be quite an achievement for the organizers. However, a lot of responsibilities come attached with it that can drive the planner up the wall. Proper planning and structuring can result in successful trade shows. Some tips are given below that can covert every trade show into a grand success.

1. Research the subject thoroughly by obtaining information online or from colleagues who have knowledge about it. Finalize the plans once the information is completely available.

2. Keep the promotional brochures ready and book booths that are inviting and lucrative. Position the booths near already busy booths for attracting busy audiences.

3. Too many forms can leave the audience bored and amused at the same time. Therefore, restrict any such activity that is discomforting or confusing for the audience. There are times when more than one person may visit the booth, which is why always hire help for assisting and saving tine. This will also help in servicing more audiences.

4. Use creative displays that are bound to attract the customers. Displays reveal plenty about the product and the product seller therefore pay extra attention towards it.

5. The presentation of the booth or the counter needs to be eye-catching. Relate the presentation designing to the product for enhancing its visibility.

6. The budget needs to be practical and realistic. Whether its travel expenses or transportation or accommodation, chalk out everything in advance. Little things like snacks can also make a lot of difference therefore keep an account for everything. Be prepared and save aside for last minute expenditures too.

7. Organize a press release for maximum visibility. Contact reporters for interviews in advance. Local radios and newspapers should be informed beforehand so that there is no loss of time. Press releases and reviews give the trade show ample coverage both during the trade show and after the trade show.

8. Make a schedule for yourself too. Allocate the time properly and evenly so that equal amount of time is distributed on the booth, floor, other booths and the over all trade show. This will help in making new contacts socially and professionally.

9. Think of clever giveaways for the audiences. Good bargains and deals are always remembered by audiences. Chocolates, mints and candies can be used to attract the onlookers and audience that are on the other side of the booth. Do not forget to bring your friends and colleagues to market your booth.

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