As the caretaker to someone who has Alzheimer’s or dementia, you are well acquainted with the challenges that this disease can present on a daily basis. Each day is a struggle to manage your loved one’s condition and ensure that he or she gets the help needed to deal with its side effects.

You also run the risk of burning out and becoming frustrated with the toll that this illness has on your family. Rather than cope alone, you could take your loved one to an adult day care facility that offers memory care as part of its services.

Slowing the Disease’s Progress

Without prompt therapeutic intervention, Alzheimer’s and dementia can progress rapidly. Within a matter of months, your loved one could lose most or all of his or her ability to remember critical parts of your family’s life. He or she could even forget your name.

Adult day care services with memory care as part of its daily program can help slow the progress of these diseases. The clients take part in activities like playing games and singing songs that work the part of their brain that is responsible for memory. They also participate in crafts and other activities that compel them to recall what they are doing and for what reason.

Getting a Daily Reprieve

The adult day care also gives you a reprieve that you very much need as a caretaker. You have time to run errands, spend time with friends, and indulge in self-care so that you recharge and feel like yourself again.

The day care also serves as a way for you to connect with other families who are going through similar challenges. You could build friendships based on empathy and understanding.

You can find out more about memory care adult day care online, contact Jersey Shore Adult Day Care.