If someone asked you what the most important safety feature on your car is, what would you say? Most people would say it’s their tires. They are responsible for stopping your vehicle effectively, traction, and overall control. You can’t drive at high speeds safely without quality tires either. However, there is another feature that of their vehicles that many people don’t think about until it is too late – the brakes.

Without quality brakes, you could end up rear-ending someone, causing damage to both of your cars. If your brakes are particularly bad, the results could be even worse. Here are some signs that you should take your vehicle to a technician for brakes near Tinley Park for an inspection.

Are you hearing a high-pitched squeal when you begin to press the brake pedal on your car? This squeal is called a wear indicator, and it is designed to let drivers know that their brake pads are worn down. At first, it will start as a faint squeal that only happens while stopping. Over time, it will get louder and worse, even emitting sound while the car is in motion and the brake pedal isn’t pushed.

The brake pedal may vibrate while your foot has it pressed down. The resin on a brake pad gets overheated unevenly over time as the pad wears down. This causes vibrations that can range from sight to violent.

Are you noticing that you have to stop your vehicle much earlier than in the past? This is a clear sign that you need to remedy this brake situation as quickly as possible. After a while, the elongated stopping time will develop into not being able to stop at all. This situation should be taken care of immediately by a technician for brakes near Tinley Park.

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