South Loop Dental Specialists provides implants, periodontal dentistry, and endodontic dentistry to people in and around Chicago. They also provide oral and intravenous sedation.

What does an endodontist in the South Loop do?

An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in treating the pulp and other interior parts of the tooth. The root canal is the best-known service provided by an endodontist. It is done to try to salvage a tooth that has been badly damaged by decay or infection. The endodontist will use a drill to access the pulp and then remove the infected area within the tooth. They will then fill the tooth with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha and cap it with a crown to strengthen it.

GentleWave is a variation of the root canal. In a conventional root canal, the endodontist will use special tools to remove the bacteria and debris. In GentleWave, the endodontist flushes the debris and bacteria out with a special fluid that is able to reach places in the tooth that the tools miss.

The apicoectomy is an alternative to the root canal that tackles the problem from the other end. Rather than drilling at the top of the tooth, a dentist performing an apicoectomy will drill into the tip of the infected root. After numbing the treatment area, they make an incision in the gum to access the root. After removing all of the infected tissue, the dentist places a filling in the root and stitches the gum closed.

An endodontist will also treat the more severe types of cracked teeth, particularly the split tooth. As the name suggests, a split tooth has split into two and often exposed the pulp. It requires considerable skill and work to save it.

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