Spring is the time everyone looks out at the landscape area surrounding their home and wishes for warmer weather and a nicer yard and outdoor area. But, there are bright sun washed days in the coming summer when it would be nice to be outdoors relaxing with fresh air and a roof overhead. pergolas in Waukesha WI are a good addition to any landscape plan. The Family will have outdoor time with fresh air and a roof to protect them from bright sunlight and UV rays.

Spring Landscape Work

When the snow melts and the weather warms up, it is time for spring cleaning in the outdoor areas of the homestead. Raking, picking up downed branches, and feeding the grass are a good start. Cleaning out flower beds is also a good idea. Flowers such as irises and tulips bloom early. Later blooming annuals might need to be planted now to assure blooms later. Spring is also a time to add to the landscape plan. Pergolas in Waukesha WI are a good project.

Companies such as Outdoor Living Unlimited can build the perfect pergola and install lovely paths to them from the house. They can also enlarge, repair, or add patio or deck space. Landscape design and build companies can add stonework such as walls, paths, terracing of hills, planters, and fire pits to a landscape. They can build the perfect outdoor kitchen for entertaining and family enjoyment.

Summer enjoyment

A good landscape project can add to summer enjoyment of the landscape surrounding a home turning it into additional living and entertaining space. Families with small children should consider adding a child’s play area with swings, slides, and other outdoor play equipment. This area should have a safe landscape cover and even a stone wall or some kind of fence to contain children and keep them safe while they play.

Winding paths that make walking more enjoyable are a good addition. They can be made with landscape blocks, stone or concrete. These materials stop grass and weeds from growing where people want to walk. Flower beds can be installed beside or near the new paths to add a little color and interest. One path can lead to a beautiful fire pit and seating area for warm summer night enjoyment. Contact us for more landscape possibilities.