A sprinkler is an extra benefit a homeowner can enjoy, particularly if it’s installed in the lawn of a home he has just purchased. A sprinkler that isn’t working properly, or is broken, is a problem however. If a sprinkler isn’t watering the lawn as expected, it should not be ignored. There are several different problems a broken sprinkler can cause that should motivate a homeowner to call for sprinkler repair in Spokane.

A sprinkler that is damaged or broken wastes water. It can leak or spill between five and ten gallons of water into the soil each day that it is left on. While that doesn’t seem to be very much water, it adds up over time. The water frequently isn’t able to drain properly into the ground, leading to soil that becomes too wet. If the area is experiencing a drought, the water might be benefiting a small area, but it’s not helping the wider lawn. In these types of situations, a homeowner may be fined for wasting water during a drought emergency.

In conjunction with wasting water, a broken sprinkler costs a homeowner extra money. The water that leaks out of the sprinkler must be paid for. Unlike leaks in a pipe inside a home, a water sprinkler leak or break often isn’t noticeable immediately. A water bill can become exorbitant before a homeowner realizes what’s causing the extra cost. In some cases, a town government or homeowner’s association may levy a fine on the homeowner for wasting water. Homeowners can carefully watch water bills to ensure their sprinklers are using the right amount of water. If bills show an unusual amount of water usage, a landscaping company can help determine whether Sprinkler Repair in Spokane is necessary.

Even if the damage or break in a homeowner’s sprinkler isn’t severe, it is still causing problems. If the leak lasts long enough, it could contribute to water damage in either the homewner’s dwelling or a neighboring home. Either way, the repair costs will be expensive. Whether the leak or break causes damage or not, the sprinkler is just not doing the job it’s meant to do, which is to water the lawn evenly. A broken or damaged sprinkler is likely watering one area too much and another area too little. Visit Spokane Pro Care to make an appointment to have a damaged sprinkler repaired before growing season starts.