Stabilized Installation for Playsets that Need Level Ground in Freehold, NJ

by | Nov 1, 2021 | Home Improvement

The second you start looking at playsets for your child, there are all kinds of questions to answer. One of the big ones is “How do you level ground?” If you’re trying to get creative with your playset placement and maybe add some space around it, you nearly always have another big question. “Do you have to level ground for a playset?” is something many people ask as well.

Do you have to level ground for a playset?” is a question that can have a lot of impact on where the playset goes. There’s some flexibility. Rubber blocks for stabilizing the playset can help secure a playset with up to 2 3/4 inches invariance in the ground height. Some playsets are heavier, and you don’t need to stabilize under each post. If your playset is on the lighter end, you may want to place a rubber block under each post. If that is necessary, the playset can be installed on the ground with up to 1 inch of variance.

If you measure your playset area and find that you have more variance than your installation method can handle, you will have to start again at “How to do you level ground?”

Leveling ground can have many methods, but to install your playset with recycled rubber stabilizing blocks, note that the blocks are meant to be installed with a rebar addition. The blocks are a moisture barrier between the wooden posts and the ground.

With time, the wood in the playset becomes less stable due to rot. So with the addition of the blocks to the playset, the rebar pins each post to the ground instead of letting the wood get wet.

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