What does a restaurant supply company need with a stainless steel fabricator in Rhode Island RI? New and used equipment, installation services for exhaust fans and hoods, and ventilation parts and duct systems should be enough to keep any type of restaurant well-equipped. Ovens, fryer stations, grill tops, grease traps, and preparation stations, along with equipment to comply with safety standards, are all that is required to cook food. While standard-sized commercial kitchens can order equipment and work stations easily online, not all kitchens are standard.


People with dreams of owning a family restaurant, cafe, bakery, food truck, deli, a pizza place, or a fine dining establishment will start off any way they can. The bakery, for example, may begin in the front room of a home or a tiny space that used to be a paint store in a strip mall. A cafe can consist of a shed and a few outside tables. That first food truck may be a converted small school bus. Standard ventilation and food preparation equipment will not always fit in converted spaces.

Large restaurants and banquet halls are often converted from old mills, abandoned factories, and barns. This creates no space issues but configuration of ventilation ducts, where the kitchen will be located, and how to connect the wiring for refrigeration can present multiple problems. The flexibility to design, sketch, or discuss needs and preferences for required equipment with a Stainless Steel Fabricator in Rhode Island RI is how many of these unique and innovative settings work out well.

Stainless Steel is Safe and Durable

The material is ideal for commercial kitchens and settings of all kinds because it is strong, resistant to rust, and easy to clean. Food-grade stainless steel is also acceptable as safe and sanitary, so it meets restaurant codes, safety, and cleanliness regulations. A wide range of parts are kept in stock along with materials for custom work. Exhaust hoods for food trucks, back splashes, sneeze guards, drink rails, work tables, shelving and cabinets are a few examples of common inventory.

Gas fryer shields and covers, as well as floor troughs are some custom pieces that have been requested. Ducts and flues for ventilation are also regularly requested custom pieces. Go on the website to know more about us and feel free to call or email with any questions.