Are you from Connecticut or surrounding areas and concerned about not getting enough customers to your business website? Then it is time to hire the service of a Connecticut SEO company.

There are only two genuine ways to attract more visitors to your website, one is by putting ads about your business in other websites and another is to hire the services of a professional SEO agency. For the last 9 years, Lionleaf, LLC  has been providing the best web-based solutions and SEO services for companies in Connecticut and other parts of the United States. They are one of the best when it comes to search engine optimization.

Steps to Hire SEO Company

1. Research: When you are planning to hire the service of a Connecticut SEO company, it is important to spend some time researching on the internet to find out the best SEO service provider in your city. Once you are convinced about the results, it is better to shortlist 2 or 3 companies.

2. Meeting: The next step is to arrange a meeting with the SEO company so that you can explain your requirements to them. You will also get a fair idea about their services and offers. It is important to hire the service of a SEO company that can provide long-term service as search engine optimization is a continuous activity that needs to be updated every now and then to achieve the best results.

3. Ask for References: It is important to ask for references before signing the contract with the SEO Company. A professional SEO agency will be happy to share their customer details with you.

4. Cost: Finally, you need to check the cost of the service. It is better to choose a yearly plan or need-bases plan so that you don’t have to pay every month for the service.


Search engine optimization is important for the success of any business organization’s website. But, hiring the right search engine optimization company is the key and by following the steps mentioned above, it is possible to hire a good SEO company.
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