If you experienced a slip and fall accident, there are many things you must do after it occurs, including contacting a quality Slip And Fall Attorney in Grand Haven. Before that happens, there are some steps you should take after the accident.

It Is Important to First Seek Medical Help

Most slip and fall accidents result with somewhat minor injuries. However, it is possible for trauma to the head or broken bones to occur. This is why it is a good idea to see a medical professional to make sure nothing serious happened. This can help keep you from immediate peril. It can also be beneficial because you will receive a diagnosis from a professional that details any injuries that you suffered from the fall.

Check out the Exact Spot You Fell On

It is a good idea to check out the exact area where you fell. It is key to check the spot because this can identify exactly why the fall happened. If there was a spot of loose carpet, ice on the ground, or concrete that is uneven, these could all be factors as to why you slipped. You need an impression of what happened for evidence in court if necessary.

Make Note of Any Witnesses Who Were Around

The next step to take before calling a Slip And Fall Attorney in Grand Haven is to write down the full names, phone numbers and addresses if possible of any witnesses who were around. Identify the people who were there when the accident happened and those who were around after the incident as well. You must take note of those who appeared afterward because they may have seen something that happened after that could be helpful for you.

Take Pictures of the Accident Area

It is wise to snap some photos of the accident area as soon as you can after it happens. The landowner will likely take pictures himself, so it would be best to have them in your possession as well. Take them as soon as possible because even conditions that seem permanent can change if the owner of the property thinks you may file a claim for the injuries that occurred.

If you experienced a slip and fall accident, these are the steps to take. After, it is time to contact Bleakley Law Offices P C.