For the summer and winter months, you’re heating, and cooling system works its hardest. Fortunately, it can take a break during the Spring and fall. These months usually have moderate temperatures that don’t require much assistance in making your home more comfortable. Doing these times, you may have the best opportunity to strengthen your system, so it is ready to rev up again. Here are ways to maintain your heating and cooling system during the off seasons.

Change the Filter

Regardless of whether you are using your unit, the filter should be kept clean. This cleaning will ensure that your equipment is always working efficiently and is easy to accomplish. Without getting this completed, a dirty filter can cause your unit to shut down. If you do not feel comfortable changing the filter on your own, you can contact a professional experienced with heating and cooling near Apex.

Remove Debris

As the seasons change, flowers will bloom and fall off trees. Also, leaves will turn colors and drop to the ground. These can collect on abs around your unit and potentially interfere with the airflow. To prevent this from becoming a problem, remove any debris and cut back any other overgrown vegetation that has come close to your system. If you suspect that some part has already become clogged, you should get an inspection from a company that handles heating and cooling near Apex.

Often, preventative maintenance should get conducted twice a year by a business that handles heating and cooling near Apex. Try Any Day Heating & Cooling today.