heating system helps keep a home warm and comfortable, no matter what mother nature may dish out. While a well maintained furnace can last for years without major repairs, there may be times when a major problem arises and warrants the help of an expert repair technician. Some issues can be addressed by the homeowner, but if any of the following are happening, it is best to leave the work to a qualified professional. Not getting an HVAC system repaired at the first sign of trouble can lead to a complete system outage. Don’t be left in the cold, when taking action right away will ensure a quick and speedy repair.

Low Air Flow

A furnace moves air through duct work and passes it over hot coils in order to heat it. If the airflow coming from the vents is not as strong as it should be, it may require Residential Heating Repair in Waldorf MD. It is a good idea to check the air filter for any blockages. If none are present, it may warrant a diagnoses by a qualified HVAC repair technician.

Low Air Temperature

If the air blowing from the vents is cooler than normal and the HVAC system is struggling to maintain a constant temperature inside the home, it could mean a malfunctioning heat strip or heater coil. These are not user serviceable parts, and should only be accessed and repaired by a certified HVAC professional. They will have the knowledge to safely replace the parts without creating further damage to the system.

Unusual Noises

A furnace should only create minimal noise while operating. Other than the sound of air traveling through the ducts, the system should be silent. While most noises are harmless when they first start, they are typically an indicator of a larger problem. If re-positioning filters doesn’t fix the issue, it may require Residential Heating Repair in Waldorf MD. Don’t ignore strange noises, as it is normally the first indicator of a system malfunction.

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