Modern air conditioning units can develop a variety of mechanical and technical problems. As a homeowner, you must know your role when disaster strikes. In most cases, you could troubleshoot basic problems on your own, but there will be situations when it’s necessary to hire a professional.

Compressor Problems

A compressor is a complicated part of an air conditioning system that pumps refrigerant through pipes. If a compressor has a problem, an air conditioner will not have the ability to blow cold air.

You should not try to fix a compressor on your own. This is always a job for a trained technician. However, in order to protect your unit, you must learn how to identify the signs that mean that it needs an AC repair in Chicago.

The first sign is ice build-up. If you ever find ice inside the air handler, your compressor needs to be repaired.

Next, stand close to your compressor and listen. A healthy compressor will not make any odd sounds. If you can hear bubbling sounds within the refrigerant lines, turn off the system immediately, and contact a reputable repair technician.


Most leaks can be resolved without help from a trained technician. For example, if a leak is caused by an obstructed refrigerating line, you could fix the problem yourself by removing the object that’s interfering with the line.

You can also stop a leak that’s caused by a dirty air filter. In this scenario, the system is leaking because the filter is no longer effective. It’s allowing dirt to build up on the coils, and the dirt is making the coils freeze. A fresh, clean filter will correct the problem.

A Great Option for AC Repair in Chicago

If you have an AC problem that you can’t resolve on your own, help is available. Just contact Heatmasters Heating & Cooling.