For a small business or a startup company, big giveaways to customers can be a real strain on the budget. One option to consider is to have a tiered or a level system where different customers, based on their loyalty to your company, can earn different levels of giveaway items.

Simple things like pens, mugs, zip drives and key chain fobs are always popular and are a great idea for first-time customers or for a one-time purchaser. These types of items are available for under a few dollars each, even with your business name and logo custom printed.

Repeat Customers

For repeat customers, the more significant giveaway items can include custom embroidered polos shirts, dress shirts, bags or caps. These are moderately priced items and can feature the logo or name of your company, a specific promotion or campaign you are running or any combination of information you want to provide.

These embroidered polos shirts are classic and stylish, and they are something that your clients or customers are going to wear. Not only will they provide a quality gift, but they are also going to continue to be a marketing and advertising component for your company.

Taking the time to create a design for your embroidered polos shirts, dress shirts and caps that really stands out is time well spent. When the design is memorable and unique, it will attract attention and even create a conversation which will include discussion of your business.

Make It Different

If your employees wear custom polo shirts on the job, make sure the giveaway shirts are different in their look. This not only makes them unique for your customers, but it also keeps your corporate look distinctly your own.

Consider changing the colors of the shirts for giveaways, or maximizing the positioning and the size of the corporate or company logo and name. Remember, for giveaway items you may want to include your website URL and a phone number. This additional information can be placed on the sleeves, allowing the business name and logo to really stand out on the breast pocket area.

If you are providing these tier types of giveaways for customers, keep a record of what items the customer has been given. By having a good selection of sizes in polos and also having embroidered caps, bags and other accessories you always have something to share with your best customers.