Teleconferencing with a Houston Court Reporter: Best Option for Bridging Distances

by | Jun 21, 2012 | Law And Politics

Often, in court cases, it is necessary to conduct a deposition of a witness who is far away, and traveling to do so can be costly. There is the cost of travel, hotel, and food expenses to consider, but it is much easier to get the same information through modern technological means. Merely using a phone has some complications, but modern technological methods of getting a deposition from someone related to your case make the entire process but easier and far less costly. In order to have all the information properly documented, it’s also cheaper to hire a Houston court reporter to sit in on the conferencing session.

The only difficulty you might have with teleconferencing for a deposition is getting the witness to cooperate with you in finding a means to teleconference. High-speed technology specifically offering teleconferencing rooms for business purposes may also be available in the current city where the witness resides and may be the best option. In these times of swiftly changing technology, however, teleconferencing is quite easy to accomplish over a personal computer or even a smart phone. The Skype program and application provides video and audio feeds that can be broadcast and recorded with ease, for instance. Skype even offers conferencing calls should you choose to allow the Houston court reporter to sit in on the conversation from a emote location; an alternative is to be with your Houston court reporter and connect the call to the witness together.

It’s a good idea to enable and use the technology that allows you to record the conversation. Whether you need to get your witnesses permission for video or audio recording depends upon local laws, of course, so that is something you would need to consider first. However, since your Houston court reporter is recording the deposition through the use of a transcript, there really should not be any problem with obtaining a video and audio record of the deposition, as well, to use as corollary evidence in court should the need arise. At the very least, having an audio recording in addition to the transcript provided by the Houston court reporter makes it easier to have the testimony on hand for purposes of review.

Building your case efficiently and without adding up too many expenses are expediting both through modern technology, as well as through the proficient transcription services of a trained and certified Houston court reporter, most of whom are specifically trained in taking part in teleconferencing depositions, and can provide accurate and timely transcripts of everything that takes place therein.

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