Telescoping Cylinders are the Hidden Workhorse of Construction

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Hydraulic and Pneumatic

There are many pieces of large equipment that keep cities moving, often without most people ever understanding exactly how these work.

One of the pieces of technology that make this possible is the telescoping hydraulic cylinder. This type of cylinder is the heartbeat of many different pieces of today’s construction equipment. The one that people are probably most familiar with is the dump truck. The telescoping hydraulic cylinder is quite an impressive piece of equipment, but one that most people never see.

Telescoping hydraulic cylinders are comprised of a series of small aluminum sleeves. These sleeves are nested inside each other. These sleeves are called stages. In most cases, a cylinder contains no more than six stages. The stages are extended outside of each other to allow the cylinder to obtain its outstretched reach.

Telescoping hydraulic cylinders allow equipment to move in directions and for distances that could not be possible with regular hydraulic cylinders.

Building this type of cylinder requires skill and precision. Careful design is required to ensure that there is not too much pressure, because it can buckle the telescopic assembly. These cylinders must be designed to provide movement only, not carry any load or pressure if these are to withstand use and wear.

If you are using equipment that requires telescopic cylinders, it’s important to get your cylinders from a reputable manufacturer and designer. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to build custom hydraulic cylinders, and the telescopic hydraulic cylinder can often be a candidate for custom manufacture, so long as your company chooses the right manufacturer.

When looking for a manufacturer for your cylinders, be sure to choose a company that has plenty of references of other customers for whom they have built custom cylinders. In addition, be sure they have plenty of design experience and a staff that is willing to work with you and listen to your needs and concerns. Determine their basic pricing and delivery time before you commit to an order.

Telescoping hydraulic cylinders can help many pieces of equipment perform a wide range of movements. This technology has moved many different aspects of the construction industry forward, making work faster and easier. You’ll no doubt have a need for this technology in your equipment. Just be certain that when you need to buy these cylinders, you ensure that their design and build will ensure their long life and many hours of performance at the job site.

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