Terrazzo floor tiles are among the most beautiful, low-maintenance and durable choices for flooring. Originating in Italy centuries ago by marble artisans, terrazzo has made a strong resurgence. Today’s version is often seen in the flooring of public and commercial buildings. Homeowners have quickly caught on to the many advantages of these attractive floor tiles for private spaces.

Natural Stone Elegance

People are first drawn to terrazzo flooring because of its beauty. Terrazzo is made from marble chips set in a cement base. It is then ground smooth and coated. The result is a beautiful, speckled tile that can be used on walls or floors. There are many color options available, and because it can be made with a number of materials, your options are limitless. Many people prefer it to marble flooring because it is both high-end and modern-looking.


Beauty aside, you cannot beat terrazzo floor tiles for durability. Whether subjected to years of heavy foot traffic or the usual abuse from the modern family, your terrazzo floor tiles will stay intact and maintain their natural beauty.

Ease of Maintenance

You will not find a flooring material that is easier to maintain than terrazzo. Simple cleaning is all that is needed. Because of its unique speckles, it tends to maintain a clean look longer than most other flooring. Terrazzo is also mildew, mold, and bacteria resistant, making it an excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

Ease of Installation

Terrazzo floor tiles are lightweight and can be installed over most existing materials. This feature saves time and money, particularly in larger installations.

Terrazzo floor tiles have become the smart choice for residential and commercial spaces because of their beauty, practicality and long wear. With an endless array of colors and aggregates available, your biggest challenge will be deciding on the most attractive option for you.

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