When working in the food industry it’s always a good plan to think ahead. Companies more and more these days have portable avenues set up in strip malls or even high traffic areas where a typical business kiosk or building isn’t profitable. Most notable according to the Nationwide Caterers Association are portable coffee carts that you see in places such as college campuses.

Flexible and Profitable.
The two key mottos of any mobile business is the chance of flexibility—you can move from one location to the next fairly easy enough depending upon the flows of foot traffic—and profitability. Profitability is of course easily determined by how flexible your portable business is! How many hours does it run, does it only run doing peak times such as early morning into the beginnings of the afternoon rush? Is it set in peak traffic flow areas in a place where your consumer base frequents? Depending upon all these factors a simple, small portable business can become quite the money making endeavor!

The Startup Costs and Concerns.
The startup costs for a portable business happens to be fairly on the low end of the spectrum. Since you aren’t renting a building or a kiosk, but instead purchasing something like portable coffee carts and the necessary assorted equipment and materials overall your business costs will begin rather low. Depending upon your locale, the size of your cart, and how pricey you wish to go for equipment you’ll begin your business way under the typical business startup cost calculations that you can find on the internet. Couple startup costs with eventual profitability, given you’ve done your research, and you’ll find that a mobile or portable business can, in the end, be a fun and payable plan of action.

While a mobile or portable business can be seen as a low-cost high-profit business model, it is important to note that the business model itself only works as well as its location, offered services, availability, and potential consumer base. Without a single portion—location, services, availability, potential consumers—the business itself isn’t any better than any other startup. In fact if the planning and research isn’t done, the materials such as portable coffee carts already on hand, and the consumers to actually buy what you are selling then your portable business will sink, or swim, in the same manner as any other business would.

When looking for portable carts that are FDA and ADA approved, MONSAM Enterprises has several cart styles used by many portable coffee and tea businesses. Portable carts aren’t even limited to just coffee or tea, but to hot dog stands and other food related business models as well.