The Advantages of a Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

by | Jan 20, 2017 | business services

There are two basic options for hydraulic cylinder action. These including the single acting and the double acting options. The single acting hydraulic cylinder only uses the pressure from the hydraulic to move the cylinder in one direction. Most commonly, it is used to extend the cylinder with the weight of the equipment or the load pushing the rod back into the cylinder.

The double acting hydraulic cylinder uses the pressure from the hydraulics to both extend the rod as well as to cause the rod to retract. This type of cylinder will have more controllable movement on both the extension and the retraction since the movement in both directions is controlled by the operator.

Simple Operation

The simple design elements of the single acting hydraulic cylinder make it a natural match for many types of applications and in a variety of machines and equipment. With the need for only one hydraulic hose rather than a pair, there is less space needed to install and operate the cylinder and also fewer parts and components within the system.

Less Power Drain

Gravity is the only force needed to return the rod to the cylinder, so there is no demand on the hydraulic system or the engine during this movement. While this may not seem like a big difference, when the equipment, machine or system is in use all the time, this can translate into higher overall operating efficiency and lower operating costs.

Additionally, if the power is coming from a battery source, the single acting hydraulic cylinder is going to have fewer demands on the battery, only requiring power on the way up, not on both the way up and down.

There are reasons and applications where a double acting cylinder will be the most efficient option. By comparing what you need, the working environment and the specifics of use you can make a choice between the two for the best match for your requirements.

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