You have always dreamed of going on a trip to take the adventure of your life, and you have decided that Mount Kilimanjaro will be the perfect destination to fulfill your dream. You are picturing yourself hiking, trekking, and climbing unique terrain toward the peak of this majestic mountain. But, where do you start to help ensure a safe and highly memorable experience when visiting Africa’s tallest mountain?

Beyond Just Purchasing Plane Tickets and Bringing Gear

Maybe you have started to plan for the trip by purchasing plane tickets and gathering a list of things you will need to take on a particular route. Not so fast. Before jetting off, you will need to prepare yourself mentally and physically. It will take several days to enjoy every moment of your experience with breathtaking views and scenery that words cannot describe. To get started, it is recommended to visit a health care professional to assess your overall health. Learning more about your health will help you create a preparation plan to ensure your safety for the trip.

Choosing the Best Route

You might have been performing due diligence as part of your prep planning by viewing a Kilimanjaro routes map to help you decide on the best route to take. There are seven established routes to choose from with Machame and Lemosho being the most popular. Once you have chosen your preferred route, you will need to find the best guides to begin your journey.

Searching for the Leading Guides

Maybe you have printed a copy of the Kilimanjaro routes map and are now searching for guides for the trip. Here is some advice. When choosing the best guides, consider selecting a trusted and highly rated service provider that is committed to providing you with an enjoyable and safe experience through many decades of expertise and capabilities.