The welfare of their companions is very important to all pet owners and that is why they regularly turn to the services of Pet Wellness in Mckinley Park. These places have an extensive array of different tests and medical procedures which they can provide to animals that will ensure their good health for as long as possible.

Pre-Vaccine Exams at an Animal Hospital in Mckinley Park

Vaccinating is one of the most important procedures performed at any Mckinley Park Animal Hospital. They are necessary in order to keep the pets healthy as these shots will boost their immune systems significantly and allow them to avoid catching viruses or dangerous infections. However, it is also important to perform a thorough inspection of the animal before any injections are administered. First of all, these shots are given to animals while they are young so it is important to make sure that they are developing regularly and at a normal rate. Furthermore, the pets must be in good health before they are vaccinated in order for the shots to be efficient. Lastly, some animals can have adverse reactions to these vaccinations so it is important that they are monitored closely after receiving the shots.

Wellness Exams at an Animal Hospital in Mckinley Park

Once an animal is vaccinated it is good to go for the most part. After that, the owners only need to bring their pets to pet wellness in Mckinley Park for regular checkups. These are meant to ensure that there are no medical issues developing and that the animal is in good physical condition. That is why they are very thorough. First the vet will take some basic readings, such as the weight and height of the animal, the temperature, coat color, skin quality and overall body condition. More advanced tests are meant to measure cardiovascular and respiratory functions, check the state of the eyes, nose and ears and see the condition of the teeth and gums. Lastly, the vet will want to inspect different systems in the body such as the musculoskeletal system, the lymphatic system, the neurological system, the rectal condition and the state of the major organs. Once this thorough exam is performed the vet can give an accurate diagnosis regarding the health of the animal.

Teeth Cleaning at an Animal Hospital in Mckinley Park

It might not seem like a big deal for some but the truth is that a clean mouth is very important for people in order to ward off infections and gum disease. This is also true for animals because they tend to chew on a lot of things. A good animal hospital in Mckinley Park provides dental services for the pets which will prevent periodontal disease which can lead to issues with the heart, liver and the kidneys. Schedule consultation with Urban PetRx to know more.