The Appeal of a Metal Roof in Naples, FL

by | Aug 20, 2013 | Roofing

Making one’s home look good on the outside is a continual task. One easy way to do so is to incorporate a Metal Roof in Naples, FL. When one looks around a neighborhood, it may seem that all of the homes have the same boring shingled roofs. Why not be a little bit different and obtain some other benefits in the process of increasing a home’s curb appeal? A Metal Roof in Naples, FL is more than just simple shiny aluminum sheeting.

A Metal Roof in Naples, FL can last from 30 to 50 years with proper maintenance. The upfront cost can range from a few dollars to more than eight dollars per square foot. The price is dependent on the type of metal and the manufacturer. Each section is sold in three-foot pieces. Aluminum and stainless steel can be installed in a variety of colors. Aluminum is especially receptive to decorative stamping.

Another trend is the sale of smaller pieces of metal that resemble tiles or shingles. This smaller size allows for a lot of flexibility in design. However, this form of purchase is more expensive than just buying metal sheets. Some homeowners may be interested in Metal Roof in Naples, FL made of copper. This is the most expensive option, but copper will last more than a lifetime. People value the material for its gorgeous looks. One can expect to pay more than ten dollars per square foot for this material.

Today’s metal roofing has been made with processes that add extra durability against dents and dings. In addition, many installers also coat the surface with special substances that prevent rusting and fading. Some coatings also help in the regulation of temperature on the structure’s surface. Some estimates have placed energy saving at forty percent for the costs of cooling during the summer months. For those further interested in green building solutions, there are recycled metal roofs available. Asphalt shingles present a disposal dilemma, so choosing to use metal roofing is a good choice all around, because metal roofs can be further recycled if the structure is ever demolished.

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